In Focus


Our programme, called In Focus, highlights issues around disability and raise awareness of the problems disabled people have to face every day of their lives just because they have a disability.

In Focus seeks to overcome the barriers, the stigma, the stereotyping, and prejudice encountered by disabled people; and to raise the profile, and promote positive images, of disability.

Through the mediums of television and the worldwide web, Turning Point intends to provide a comprehensive information resource for anyone who has a disability or impairment; or is affected by disability (e.g., families, carers, service providers, etc.); and for anyone working within the care sector.

Decisions made by those in authority in the areas of employment, education, training, service provision and physical access to buildings or transport, etc., will be highlighted. Those decisions will be challenged or supported as appropriate.

Existing opportunities for people with disabilities will also be explored and promoted, as will the various support groups and organisations who work so hard for the benefit and rights of disabled people.

Broadcast on Channel 7 TV (2004-2007) under the banner of Turning Point Productions